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The repository for all things about the supernatural steampunk RPG, Strange Adventures on the Brass Ocean. The old, unorganized documents can be found at If you have questions, you can contact the creator at Feel free to help cultivate this project on the talk pages, your own game groups, and pages of your own!

At a GlanceEdit

Strange Adventures on the Brass Ocean (SABO) is a steampunk supernatural role-playing game oriented towards ease of learning and play. Here you can find information on how to play and the official world of SABO. If this is your first time here, try the Setting and Mechanics sections. Otherwise, you can find a full page list here.

Missing InformationEdit

  • Setting information
  • Item tables
  • Invention
  • Images

Planned RevisionsEdit

  • Simplified Card and experience sections.
  • Summarized Pro/Con tables for all supernaturals.
  • Character personalization through perks or something similar.

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