Magic in SABO is a two-part system, separated into Life Force Channeling and Cards.

Life Force Channeling (LFC)Edit

Life Force Channeling is the expenditure or absorption of life energy to summon fire or ice, respectively. Immediately usable life energy is stored within a person's soul, though life energy can be drawn into the soul from nigh anywhere. If a person expends or absorbs too much life energy, their soul will implode or explode, respectively. When a person's soul implodes, they lose the ability to feel any emotion, and lose any morals, ethics, personal beliefs, goals, or personality they formerly held. When a person's soul explodes, they become temperamental, irrational, opinionated, and prone to mood swings. As an additional result of either condition, they can no longer perform LFC. Otherwise, LFC is available to anyone, and can be used to conjure fire and ice or activate Cards.


Cards are spells written in ink on slips of paper that, when pasted onto an object, can imbue the object with a variety of effects, ranging from strengthening metal to burning a specific location. In addition, the effect can be temporary, permanent (at least, so long as nothing else deactivates it), or even self-deactivating depending on how it's written. As they are written in arcanic runes, anyone with the proper knowledge of the runes may create a Card. The lengthier (and thereby, usually, more powerful and/or precise) a Card, the more energy it takes to activate it. The energy is spent all at once and will drain a person's soul if one isn't careful. When a Card is active, it appears as though the corner is burning, though it is not actually burning. As such, a Card can be reused multiple times until it is destroyed. A Card will be deactivated if the "burning" corner is smothered, doused, or absorbed. The "flame" has an energy amount equal to the energy spent activating the Card.