Items in SABO are as varied and diverse as the people that use them, but many can be described using a fairly simple system.

Structured Item SystemEdit

All blades, blunt weapons, guns, mechs, ships, and submarines can all be described by selecting elements from their respective tables and putting them together, ignoring the shape of the item.


Throwing knives are priced as 3" daggers that you buy 5 at a time. When used in melee, they give a -3 to defense and deal 1/2 material damage.

Blade Material
Material Damage Cost
Bronze 1d3 •20
Iron 1d6 •40
Steel 2d6 •90
Blade Length
Length Modifications Cost multiplier
6"-18" -1 defense, 1/2 damage, able to hide x0.5
1.5'-3' None


3'-5' -1 defense, 14 strength required, x1.5 damage x1.5
Sharpened Region
Region Modifications and damage type Cost change
Tip 12 Melee to use, +1 damage, piercing None
Upper Blade Slashing +•10
Lower Blade -1 defense when used, usable in grapple, slashing +•5
Type Modifications Cost change
Plain None None
Blade-catching Able to break opponent's blade with Strength check (-3 bronze, -5 iron, -7 steel) +•20
Spiked 1d3 piercing damage, -1 defense when used +•10
Type Modifications Cost change
Smooth -1 disarm prevention -•5
Plain None None
Shaped +1 disarm prevention +•10


Material Damage (type) Cost
Wood 1d3 (Bludgeoning) •25
Metal 1d6 (B) •40
Lead 2d6 (B)


Length Modifications Cost multiplier
1'-1.5' 1/2 damage, able to hide x0.75
1.5'-2' None None
2'-3' +1d3 damage (B), 12 strength required x1.25
3'-4' +1d6 damage (B), 14 strength required x1.5
Yes/No Modifications Cost change
No None None
Yes Damage type (B, P) +1/2 material cost
Type Modifications Cost change
Smooth -1 disarm prevention -•5
Plain None None
Shaped +1 disarm prevention +•10
Type Modifications Cost change
Spike hilt 1d3 damage (P), -1 defense when used +•10
Bladed shaft Blade material damage (S), -1 defense when used +1/2 blade material cost


Gun Class
Classification Traits Cost
Pistol Able to hide, -4 to hit •90
Rifle 14 Guns to use, -3 to hit •135
Sniper rifle 16 Guns to use, -2 to hit •180
Type Damage and modifications Cost change
Pistol 3d6 •+10
Rifle 5d6, -1 to hit in pistol +•15
Sniper rifle 7d6, -3 to hit in pistol, -1 to hit in rifle +•20
Type Modifications Cost change
None None None
Reinforced stock +1 to hit +•20
Mount +2 to hit +•50
Type Modifications Cost change
Bayonet 1d6 damage (P or S) +•25
Light source Nullify darkness penalties within 60 ft +•20
Revolving chambers 6 shots per reload +•80


Structure Material
Material Weight and modifications Cost
Bronze 400wt/level, 1/2 support and armor •250/level
Iron 500wt/level •325/level
Steel 600wt/level, 2x support and armor •450/level
Movement Method
Type Load Capabilities Cost
Wheel 750wt/wheel •50/wheel
Tread 1500wt/tread, 12 Mech Control to use •100/tread
Leg 3000wt/leg, 16 Mech Control to use •150/leg
Type Damage and weight Cost
Melee 5d6, 50wt •25
Machine gun 4d6 (Guns-4), 100wt •50
Cannon 5d6 (Guns-2), 150wt •100
Cover Man-portable guns, none None
Thickness Health and weight modifications Cost
None 20 health (75% chance to hit user instead), x0.25 material weight/level None
1"-2" 50 health, x0.8 material weight/level x0.8 material cost
2"-3" 100 health, none None
3"-4" 150 health, x1.2 material weight/level x1.2 material cost
Type Thrust, speed, and weight Cost
Powerful 5000wt load, 5mph, 750wt •100
Average 3500wt load, 10mph, 600wt •100
Fast 2000wt load, 20mph, 500wt •100
Type Weight Cost
Steam 25wt/hr •5/hr
Refined oil 15wt/hr •20/hr
Magic 10wt/hr •35/hr
Type Added space and weight Cost change
Cramped None None
Comfortable +1'/level, +0.1x material weight/level +0.1x material cost/level
Spacious +2'/level, +0.2x material weight/level +0.2x material cost/level
Type Weaponry/level and weight change Cost change
Thin 1 weapon/level, -0.2x material weight/level -0.2x material cost/level
Average 3 weapons/level, none None
Wide 5 weapons/level, +0.2x material weight/level +0.2x material cost/level


To make into an airship, +•100 to the price.

Structure Material
Material Modifications Cost
Wood x0.5 armor •250/level
Iron No bonuses •325/level
Steel x1.5 armor •450/level
Type Speed Cost
Wind 8 Kn •50
Steam 19 Kn •5/hr
Magic 25 Kn •35/hr
Thickness Durability Cost
1"-2" 250 health x0.8 material cost
2"-3" 400 health No cost
3"-4" 600 health x1.2 material cost
Type Damage Cost
Machine Guns 4d6 (Guns-4) •50
Cannons 5d6 (Guns-2) •100
Torpedoes 6d6 (Guns-3), water only •100
Size Capacity Cost
Packed 6 people/quarter •30/quarter
Shared 4 people/quarter •50/quarter
Suite 2 people/quarter •75/quarter
Description Quarters/deck Cost
Short 2 •25/deck
Average 4 •50/deck
Long 6 •75/deck
Description Quarters/deck Cost
Narrow 2 •25/deck
Average 4 •50/deck
Wide 6 •75/deck

More to come...