Claeghlin (pronounced clay-flin) is the name given to the world of SABO.


Claeghlin's surface is roughly 80% water and 20% land. The land forms two continents, named Mowfi and Niska, roughly on opposite ends of the world. Both are convergence points for fault lines, causing numerous earthquakes and rendering them largely uninhabitable. They are largely unmapped as a result, though airship pilots have reported fissures and sheer cliffs on the ground while irregular thermals fill the air.

Between Mowfi and Niska lies the Great Blue, usually divided into four sections. The region surrounding the North Pole are the aptly named Frozen Waters due to numerous icebergs in the region, many of which have clumped together directly surrounding the North Pole to create a quasi-landmass known as Shimmerwaste. It has been known to blind airship pilots flying over it without some form of protection. Surrounding the South Pole is the Antipolar Ocean, an unremarkable expanse of water with only the occasional iceberg to break the horizon. Finally, between the two regions and separated by the two continents are the Phrio and Cotik Oceans. The Phrio Ocean is to the east of Mowfi, while the Cotik Ocean is to the west, and both are impossible to differentiate without a map, a compass, and a good view of either continent.

Spattered throughout the oceans are a variety of islands ranging in size from barely big enough to stand on all the way to enough room to support a small town. Notable islands include Zin's Island and Bapueue, which both lie on a prominent Life ley line and thus are lush jungles.

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